ASTM ArduPIilot Organization Membership

EDITTED: The proposal title and detail to be more than just for RemoteID

Topic: ArduPilot ATSM Organization Membership

Including : ASTM F3411-22a Standard Specification for Remote ID and Tracking

Proposal type: Other [x] : ASTM Membership for UAS Standards including RemoteID Standard

Description: Membership into ASTM would allow development team members to access the relevant standards when needed for implementing items such as RemoteID.

Copy of the Remote ID Standard to help with implementation details and requirements for ArduPilot’s users

Planned amount: $ 400 per year (USD)

Estimated time for completion for RemoteID stuff: Hoping before September 16, 2022 … for our manufacturing partners…

See “Effective Dates”

Could we buy it as ArduPilot so all dev can access it ?

Hmm maybe. That would be better not sure though?

it would also being interesting to add some openid hardware to test their implementation, if you are going to work on this !

Yeah I could add a few of the one I know about.

An organization membership might be worthwhile.

EDITTED: The proposal title and details.

ArduPilot ASTM Organizational Membership Details:

$400 per year

We can get an entire Volume of Standards (including Remote ID) as part of the membership.
This would be the relevant one that James told me about.

Items that it contains.

Approved by @Funding_Team

Interesting, how will we get access to these documents?

We’ll provide names & emails to ASTM: that’ll be managed via the dev team mailing list.

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I’ve sent out an email to all Dev Team members with a form to collect info. for the sign-ins