Assisted hand launching

OK, I know ArduPlane can do auto take off, but I think you have to set a TAKEOFF waypoint, correct? Can ArduPlane assist in a hand launch of a fixed wing (Bixler 2) so that when I hand toss the plane it climbs to a preset altitude then loiters until I change flight modes to FBWA or FBWB, without having to open up Mission Planner or Tower to set a TAKEOFF waypoint?


No geographical point needed. Just create a TAKEOFF followed by an RTL and it will circle overhead until you take over.

But I would have to upload those 2 points to the Pixhawk, right? Any other way that would not require a PC or a tablet at the field? I guess I could upload at home and just leave the “mission” programmed in the FC… Could be ok.

Just upload those two commands at home and the Pixhawk will always remember them, unless overwritten.

I would also suggest setting the MIS_RESTART parameter to 1 so that TAKEOFF is re-selected every time you select AUTO. This may help if you are launching several times per battery.

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will the plane fly straight until it reaches the RTL altitude or will it turn and head to RTL point?

If you have a TAKEOFF command in place, it will fly straight out until it reaches the altitude designated in the TAKEOFF command. Once that altitude is reached it will RTL and turn to HOME or a Rally Point and climb or descend to meet the RTL altitude parameters.

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Thanks! …

OK so if I need a higher altitude than I can get just going straight out, say if trees are in the way, I can have the takeoff altitude lower than the trees and once it reaches this altitude it will RTL. So if I have the RTL higher than takeoff, it should continue to climb as it turns back to the home point? Right?