Assisted Fixed-Wing Flight

Hi all,
is it recommended to set Q_ASSIST_SPEED to a non-zero value at the first flight:

Iam using the following parameters at the first flight:




Iam not using the airspeed sensor and the stall speed is 15 m/s.

Are the parameters above safe for the first flight?
Any recommendation for a successful first flight?

Your help is greatly appreciated


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Yes, Sir 100% to safe operation. you must use not zero values in all type of assist parameters

@john44 Sir make this also non-zero value, according into to pilot skills. if we choose bigger value Quad motor will operate long time and if you use small value may quad motor’s will not have to protect the plane. I am used 10 M

Thank you

Thanks a lot mohan …

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@john44 Any time Sir…

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