Assistance in analysing crash log for an apologetic but very grateful noob

First of all I apologise to those of you who must see a ton of posts from people like me who clearly have no clue (but are trying to learn…)

Basically I took my 3DR X8+ out for a flight with a GoPro VR array attached to it. All was going well, but at some point, the aircraft just kept climbing and climbing, until I was sure it was an ex-machina, so to say.

Using the land function on my Android ground station it did (painfully slowly) start to descend and in the end I managed to get both the aircraft and my VR rig back in one piece.

I would love to know if there is something amiss in my parameters, or whether it was pure user error, so if someone could help me analyse the log I would be really, really grateful.

Here is the log -

Many, many thanks again for any insights. You guys really are spectacular in your knowledge of this technology.



Sorry no time to look right now, but it surely vibrations. Check the IMU z axis. You can find more helpful info in the docs

Appreciate the response - thanks Bill.


It seems you have high vibe levels 30m/s/s peak up to 60m/s/s (compared to a normal 15m/s/s for Iris peaking at 30m/s/s)