Assigning output pins to specific input apm 2.8

I want to assign different outputs for a specific input. The predefined functions ignore the throttle and therefore I want to configure it accordingly…Is there any way to change these outputs?

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the old 8bit APM has not been supported for years, you need a 32bit controller like a pixhawk or something based on a f4 or f7 processor.

so it means the default values cannot be changed?? is there any way

you can change the settings but you can only do it from the all parameters page, you need an old version of mission planner to use the menus with an apm. im not sure what version you need.

There is not the flexibility between inputs and outputs with that old firmware. Don’t waste your time with an unsupported APM Flight Controller.

So it cant be changed manuallly as well from the full parameters option???

No. From what recall from ancient history it’s same Input/output channel pass thru.