Assigning flight modes FS-T6 transmitter swtches


I’ve progressed from a syma x5c to cheerson cx20 and have just built an alien f450 quadcopter. It flies but I need to assign modes to my switches so I can autotune.

Setup is apm 2.8 with v3.2.1. I have a 6ch flysky FS-T6 transmitter.

It seems after purchasing the FS-T6 only has 2 way switches so I removed one of the rotary knobs and replaced with a 3 way switch with a pair of 2.4k resistors so now I have values of 1000/1500/2000 on that switch so that’s me ok for stabilise, loiter and RTL. I’d like to throw Alt hold and auto tune in there too and people suggest it can be done with mixing on the controller but I’m struggling to grasp the concept.

So to recap. 6ch radio. Combination of 3 way and 2 way switches available.

Appreciate any guidance.