Assign joystick axis (6&7) to Gimbal servo 10&11?

Hi , Is there a possibility to assign joystick axis’s to do something with servo out ?. My joystick has 2 (extra) axis that show up in QG as axis 6 and 7 ( Dpad up/down and left right ) that i would like to use as tilt and roll control for my Gimbal . Is this possible ?.

This isn’t supported

Any chance additional joystick axis will be available to drive gimbal pitch and pan in future?
I see axis move in joystick setup but as i understand it they can’t be assigned to any channels correct?

Daily builds have gimbal control available as a joystick action

Great thanks!!!
Any chance to get rtk injection from an internet rctm server?

Tried latest build today, it closes itself after 10-20 seconds.

Everythong works, it connects to vehicle and starts video but after a short while it closes with no errors.

I am still running 3.6.8, don’t know if it needs latest stable to work correctly.

It happens in compatibility and safe mode too.

It happens only if the uav is connected to the ground station, if i don’t connect it than QGroundcontrol never closes. As soon as i turn on the uav and it connects and finishes fetching the parameters than QGC closes.
I am running it on windows 10 64bit pc.

How to assign , or setup ?. I see the extra 2 axis’s in the daily build …but how to assign them ?.. cannot move them with any button or slider on the iPEGA 9083. I will try an other Controller to be sure if maybe the ipega is the problem

Sorry I have that wrong. You can assign gimbal control to a joystick button not a joystick axis.

Can you create an Issue for that and then we can work through figuring it out there.

Done, thank you very much!!