Ask a noob question about designing vtol quad plane

I am a noob in this. I like to design a diy Vtol quad plane. 4 quad motors and one motors at the back.
Just wonder if the following is necessary
Rudder, Flaps, Aileron.

The maneuver of the quad in plane mode is it through the 4 motors or requires Rudder, flaps and Aileron? Or anything else?

If by saying vtol you mean something like the picture

You need Elevator, Rudder and Aileron. (Flaps not necessary)
This thing, flies like a quadcopter up to an altitute using the 4 motors and then we have a transition (either manual or automatic). During the transition, the back motor kicks in, then the controls goes to rudder, elevator and aileron and at the end of the transition the quadcopter motors stop completely. After that it just flies like a plane.
I strongly suggest building a quadcopter with arducopter and fly with it, then building a plane with arducopter and fly with it. You are going to need both knowledge as Quadplane is just both of them with a transition between.


If it’s an X-Motor Tailsitter then you don’t need any control surfaces. Still a Quad Vtol but no tractor motor.

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You can start here:

If you want ArduPilot
If you want PX4 Autopilot (has some preconfigured airframes and build videos).
If you want to start with a complete kit, check out the VTBird 1.6
If you want something almost ready to fly:
OMP ZMO VTOL or Jumper Xiake 800. This reviews the Xiake.

Good luck.

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Did you DIY that yourself? Looks pretty cool.

No, the ones below are my DIY conversion builds. They were not all successes but each one was a learning experience. I have a 4+1 VTBird that I’m hoping to get started this year.

QuadRanger VTOL
Mini Sky Hunter VTOL (fail)

Good luck.