AS150U Connectors Sparking

Hello, we have a 42kg takeoff weight big hexacopter. Our platform is working very well except for the sparking problem when connecting and disconnecting the Li-Po battery. Sparking melted our connectors. We are using a Mauch HS200HV current measurement sensor board with 12S batteries. How can we solve that problem?

Hi @Sabri_Toker, were you able to solve this issue ?

I am facing similar issue with QS8S connectors. I am using a big hexacopter, take off weight would be around 15 kgs. The weight of the drone increases as we increase altitude as the drone is tethered. My connectors are getting so hot that the connectors are melting and soldering together (Battery and drone side).

What’s your current draw? Technically speaking AS150u is rated for 70A continuous and 140A instantaneous while the manufacturer rating for the QS8 is apparently 110A continuous and 180A instantaneous.

In the AS150u it looks like the initial anti-spark portion of the connector (which is supposed to have a resistor inline) is what melted. Have you tried other instances of the connector? I wonder if it was a manufacturing error.

Assuming it’s the inrush current charging capacitors that’s the problem, you could wire a resistor in series to limit the inrush current, with a manual switch or relay (rated for the full current flow) to short across the resistor after the initial inrush has completed. Or you could have dual connectors, one with a series resistor (and a smaller connector to make it easily distinguishable) to restrict the flow that gets plugged in first and the other without a resistor that gets plugged in a few seconds later.

If using an antispark connector you have to be sure to plug the battery in all the way. If you don’t fully seat the connector the power is going to run through the antispark resistor and get hot until the resistor fails.

If your 200a power distro board isn’t melting I doubt the current draw from the aircraft is melting these connectors- assuming you’re using 2 of them or more.

I’m actually looking for the weight of the male AS150U without wires, any chance you have that weight or could measure one for me?