Artificial horizon sensivity in OSD

I just loaded Arduplane 4.0.6. into Omnibus F4 board and while tunning (onboard) OSD, I noticed that artificial horizon on the screen is about twice more sensitive, than reality. When I point camera to some horizontal object like bookshelf on the wall, AH aligns with it when plane is level, but when I roll the plane e.g. for 20 degrees, AH on the screen rolls maybe a double (i.e. 40 degrees) and doesn’t align with the shelf anymore. Is it normal? Can be AH sensivity some way adjusted? (I didn’t find any such parameter.)
Thanks for ideas!

there might be some scaling offset on NTSC vs PAL. @iampete has done an awesome PR taking account for this:

however, you wouldn’t expect an offset of about twice the actual roll angle. note that there are panel items to display numerical roll and pitch angle onscreen too. you might want to use them to double-check.

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Yes, thanks for pointing to this, my OSD problem seem to be caused by OSD scaling as described in the request above. I’ll upgrade to 4.0.7 and check whether it’s corrected there.