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Artificial horizon and direction arrow all over the place

Artificial horizon and direction arrow all over the place as soon as i switch on my basecam with mavlink enabled. It looks like QGC doesn’t make any difference if the attitude comes from the pixhawk or from the gimbal control board (basecam). I think th horizon shows both values, the one from pixhawk and the one from basecam, that is why it jumps from one value from another and makes the horizon jumpy.
Is there a way to tell QGC to just take attitude messages from pixhawk and drop the ones from basecam?
ID of pixhawk and basecam are on same system and different component.

Any help wold be greatly appreciated.

Can you create a GitHub issue with details and also include a telemetry log which I can replay which shows the problem?

Basicly the hud is mixing attitude messages from ardupilot and basecam even if they have different component id and shows both attitudes, result is horizon jumping from basecam attitude to ardupilot attitude.
I tried to understand if there was a similar problem on github and looks like a complicated probs that you are already aware of, maybe similar to what you talked to Ollie a while ago.

will try to open a github issue with tlog.


That is exactly correct. I know how to fix it. Need a tlog to help with the repro though since I have nothing that can make it happen.

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