Article/Thesis Trying to find the author of this document for controlling Drones over 3G

Hi all, I came across this document in an effort to understand how to control a rover over 4G. Does anyone know who wrote the article/thesis? I think it is from someone in the Camberra, Australian Area, if so is he part of this group? As I need a bit of a hand in trying to do some things over 4G. Thanks

Controlling a drone via 3G

Judging by the locations used in the “results” section of the thesis, it doesn’t look like the author was located in Canberra.

4G control is usually done via a companion computer (Raspberry Pi or similar) with a 4G USB dongle. The APM is then connected to the Pi via a telemetry port.

There’s a few sets of instructions around for doing this. Like: