Arspd_use not present

Hi everyone

whenarspd_type=0- Why the ARDSP_USE=1, didn’t show up?

I would like to use it as reported here (arduplane):

ARSPD_USE determines if the airspeed estimate is used in other ArduPlane functions besides speed scaling. If no airspeed sensor is present and ARSPD_USE =1, then the estimated airspeed will be used as if was obtained via an accurate airspeed sensor.


using the estimated airspeed for speed controlled modes by enabling ARSPD_USE without an airspeed sensor can result in erratic, or even dangerous, operation since the estimate can be wrong in situations like automatic takeoffs into a strong headwind, or when flying into the wind for an extended period without making any turns (which updates the wind speed estimate and therefore the estimated airspeed).

means there is NO Airspeed sensor.
So you can’t use it.

You have to select the appropriate Airspeed type sensor first (depending of your hardware setup).