ARMS when battery voltage is low

My copters, running 3.2.1 FW on APM 2.8 HW will arm even though they should be in a low voltage “failsafe” mode. That is, I have the battery failsafe voltage set to 13V, but the craft will arm when the battery voltage is 12.4V.

I have my arming checks set to “1”.

Is this behavior normal? Is there any variable I can set that will prevent arming when the battery voltage is below the failsafe value?

Check bit 8 of ARMING_CHECK and set ARMING_VOLT_MIN
Basically… RTFM :slight_smile:

I did RTFM !

There is no ARMING_VOLT_MIN in copter 3.2.1

There is a variable ARMING_VOLT_MIN in the code, but that is only for the controller voltage - not the battery voltage.