Arming Motors directly with XBox 360 Controller


I just got a 3DR quad and I don’t have a radio transmitter so I am using my xbox 360 controller, which works fine with Mission Planner. I did the calibration etc. using the 3DR radio transmitter plugged in to my laptop.

I read on the old wiki ( ) that you can arm the motors by holding the throttle down and yaw to the right with the radio transmitter.

With the xbox controller however, I can’t exactly do this. I have to simultaneously press the arm/disarm button under the Action tab in Mission Planner while holding the throttle down and yaw to the right on the xbox controller, in order to arm the motors. I can then fly fine with the xbox controller.

Is there some way to be able to arm the motors just from the xbox controller?

Thank you!

I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but it’s really not safe to fly without a proper transmitter and receiver. Sounds like you’ve found a workaround but we really don’t support this kind of thing in the code at the moment.

Maybe I wasn’t clear. I am using the 3DR radio set:

And I’m using the xbox controller plugged in to my laptop through MP.

Anyway, this isn’t a problem for me anymore. I’m using roscopter in ROS and can arm/disarm and control the quad with my xbox controller directly.

That’s not what Randy meant. Its best to have a traditional controller in the loop for primary flight control with the GCS in the loop to monitor flights.

Ah I understand now. Just curious, why is there functionality for a joystick controller in MP if it is not apparently recommended or “supported in the code” as Randy mentioned?

I`m trying to use the xbox controller, even it is installed on windows, I can not see the xbox controller inside the mission planner,

As you can see in the picture attached.

[attachment=0]xboxcontroller (1024x451).jpg[/attachment]

Any idea?