Arming home location moves to 0,0

My home position always reports as 0, 0 in mission planner 1.3.35 or android Tower app after arming copter 3.3.2

[ul]I read … e_position
I have a 3d gpx fix
Hdop under 1.5
Mission planner 1.3.35 or android Tower app displays correct lat and lng
Status tab reports correct lat lng
I have tried manually setting home position in flight plan but it always changes to 0 lat 0 lng when the board is armed
I have flashed plane and then copter in an attempt to reset[/ul]

What should I troubleshoot next?

I re-watched and I believe I’m just confused about the two home locations. I was expecting to see a the pixhawk home location on the map and not the mission planner home location.

Is there any way to confirm that the craft has saved a good home location for RTL?