Arm64 Ubuntu Bionic support?

I have the Pixel C tablet, an Arm64 machine, and successfully run Ubuntu Bionic through the UserLAnd app.

I would like to run APM Planner on this tablet for field use, but there’s not currently a firmware build for this setup.

Does anyone know if this is being considered, or worked on?

Can I downgrade my Ubuntu to Xenial and use the armhf firmware?

Any ideas?

You can always compile it your self on your set up.

Problem being is your running an operating system on top of an operating system. So things are likely to be rather slow. Your going to have to jump through hoops likely to get OTG to sik radio if your not connecting to your vehicle via wifi.

@aircool00, OK - thanks for the reply. I may try compiling it by using the Qt route on the Android tablet, if I can figure that out. That does seem better overall than trying to run it in a Ubuntu window on the Android tablet.

I would advise you that building APM Planner for Android will be a lot of work. We haven’t migrated the code to support mobile platforms.

I would recommend building Tower for Android if you want a native android app

@billb - Thanks for the reply and suggestions, Bill. I was already pretty sure that it would probably be more than I can accomplish. I know very little about software development, so trying to compile and build the firmware would only be a huge learning process for me anyway.

I have been using Mission Planner on a desktop, and I don’t have a laptop, so I was looking for an option for the Pixel C that I have. I already have the QGroundControl app on there, but the android version doesn’t have all of the functionality - specifically no log viewing or analysis. Since I am developing a new multi-rotor platform, I need the logging and tweaking capability in the field.

I have just put Tower on the tablet at your suggestion, so I will see how it works. At this point, I will probably just look for a used laptop for windows or linux and Mission Planner.

Is anyone working on an Arm64 build now that we have ubuntu LTS for the pi4, the existing ubuntu MP2 builds dont work on Arm64.

I built arm64 and armhf for Raspberry Pi 4. You can pick them up here:

And here:

Thanks for the links, whats the difference? The arm64 fails to install but the armhf installs. but no connection through radio link, guess i need drivers for that.

One was 64-bit and the other 32-bit. I assume if you are running Ubuntu Server 64-bit the arm64 should install and run fine.

Make sure your user (user ubuntu maybe) is in the dialout group and that nodemanager is not running.