Arm Rover using switch or stick position


Is there any way of arming the Pixhawk running Rover using any of the channels on the TX? Like with copter on the APM using throttle down + right? or similar.

I want to disable the physical safety switch on the Pixhawk and I found the parameter to disable it (BRD_SAFETYENABLE). But I still want to be able to arm/disarm from the TX.

The Pixhawk goes on a surfboard with BlueRobotics T100 thrusters with a top speed less than a sleeping swimmer, so safety is not a very big concern here :slight_smile:


I just realized I can set INITIAL_MODE to 4 instead of the default of 0, which will make my Rover boot up in HOLD instead of MANUAL mode. This requires me to switch mode on the Tx before being able to throttle up.

That pretty much solves my problem :slight_smile:


Rover now supports ARMING in the master code base. It will be available in the next release.
Thanks, Grant.