Arm/disarm thr rover from RC

I’m currently testing the arduRover 3.4.2 with pixhawk2, and I managed to driver my rover using the RC. However I need to arm the rover in MissionPlanner every time because I dont know how to arm the rover in my RC. I can disable the arm process but the flight mode cannot tune to AUTO…
I have searched the availbale parameter list, and found “CH7_OPTION” may do the job, however my RC only has six channels.
I have also found that “RC1_OPTION” exists in the docs, however such option does not exist in the “Full Parameter List” of the Mission Planner when i connect it to the rover through Mavlink…
Any suggestions? Thanks !!!

If you can stomach running the master firmware then you can set
RCn_OPTION - where n is any channel number.

Prior to the recent changes in master you were limited to CH7_OPTION

Our documentation is a little screwed up, I’m afraid. It reflects the
state of master - and Randy put some stuff into master to retain the
visibility of CH7_OPTION for older firmwares.

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Thank you for your reply. I dowloaded the firmware directly from MissionPlanner “Install Firmware”, which does not provide the master firmware?

Go to install firmware string and press ctrl-q

You should see the available firmwares change to read “dev”.

So I hear - I don’t use MissionPlanner :slight_smile:

I have managed to do that, thank you !