Arm / Disarm rover motors still working


I am using rover frame. Throttle and steering is working regardless of arm / disarm state. I have configured channel 7 to arm / disarm from RC remote. I can see from Mission Planner that the state is changing.

Board safety switch works and actually disarms the motors.

Where can I configure arm / disarm correctly?
Why are my motors working?


Hey! Thanks for help @ahmetomer helping.

It was my bad. If the rover is in Manual MODE and in DISARMED state the steering servos still work.

But my “Throttle” was configured so that I was receiving and just resending the RC signal to motors (basically just a bypass). Under servo output menu I selected RC1 for both of my motors so the ARMING and DISARMING did not do a thing, because I just bypassed the signal. I needed this to get the reverse working with the throttle stick.

As soon as I configured the servo output to “Throttle” arming and disarming worked as expected.

Also configured another switch for changing modes. Now I can put the boat to hold.

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Welcome. Upon recommendations I used the gear switch for arming and disarming