Arm/Disarm rejected by Mav

I am using a HKPilot32 in my boat with a Joystick in the the computer to control it. When I try to Arm/Disarm using the button in the action tab, the Software give me a error saying the the command was rejected by Mav. Have any one faced this problem and have a way out?

It is not arming because one of the pre-arm checks is stopping it. Make sure your GPS, compass and all your other calibrations are done correctly.

Hi Mike,
But the Arm/Disarm works well in the hardware switch that I have in the HKPilot32. Does it make sense?

The pysical button on the HKPilot32 is not a arm button. It is a safety button.
The arm/disarm is someting else.
The safety must be off, before you can arm. But those are two different things.

Thanks for the help, I will check it better this weekend.