Arm/Disarm button in MP may cause a fatal mistake

Ive found that after clicking in any button of mission planner you can “click it” again by pressing the Enter key instead of using the mouse. The only way to not have this effect is to click on another button or tab. This is quite concerning for the Arm/Disarm button, given that after arming you may accidentally disarm it. Or even worst, you could accidentally arm it after disarmed and injure someone.

I’m pretty sure this is a MP codeing overlook, so I don’t know how could it be fixed except with an update… But I thought you should be aware of it and take precautions to avoid it.


I can confirm this behavior on my end as well. Pressing enter twice even accepts the “Are you Sure You Want to Disarm?” Prompt.

Slightly related, but their should probably be a confirmation prompt for arming as well.

This is a window manager “feature” and not necessarily oversight by the dev team. The same frustrations exist in multi-million dollar hardware/software interfaces, so it isn’t a unique problem.

The solution is to never leave your mouse over a button you don’t intend to click, and to always “park” the cursor in a safe place on the screen, clicking if necessary to move the input focus.

I agree that it probably should be that the default behavior of the “Are you sure” dialog is “No” instead of “Yes.”

Beyond that, it is a tall order to overcome the idiosyncrasies of every window manager on a cross-platform application, and I’m not sure we should be so quick to chastise the developers.

Changing the default to No and adding a prompt when Arming should be enough to solve this issue IMO.


It doesn’t matter where the mouse is parked it still execute the last button you clicked. I’m not saying that it is not a windows issue, I will look into that. Thanks

That’s why I said to click as necessary to remove the input focus from that button.