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ArkBird Automatic Antenna Tracker (AAT)?


I have a test platform (multicopter) and got an ArkBird Automatic Antenna Tracker some years ago. I never got it running, the groundstation could never get the GPS-position from the airborne module. I tried to get in touch with Arkbird but they never received my e-mails, I then posted on RCGroups to get a response by an ArkBird-forum member which responded in the forum with an e-mail address. They never answered the e-mail, they never got them. Hopeless. I want to upgrade the firmware but to do that I need to e-mail the serialnumber on the product, they never got these e-mails, and I never received an echo.

Does anyone here use the AAT or know what to do? The goal is (was?) to use it on heavylifters and VTOLs, and for FPV.


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