Are vibes a problem on Arduplane?

Hi, coming from copter world I’m relatively new in Planes. As a beginner, I review my logs after each flight to see if I can improve things. In copters, vibes are an important factor to take into account so this is something I look into. As I changed my propellers from tripales 7056 to bipale 8060, trying to improve motors efficiency (my plane have two 2216 motors) I saw that Vibes drastically increased (I can also feel that at takeoff in my hands). So my questions are: are vibes a problem in Plane ? Are my levels of vibes with 8 inch props too high ? Thanks
With 7 inch tripale props:

With 8 inch bipale props:

Below 30m/s^2 is acceptable but more minor is better.
After 30m/s^2 you may experience issues related to estimators.
You can find detailed info from wiki.

Thanks for the link. Seems to be a simple copy/paste from (or to) Copter documentation. So it should be as important despite I thought it is less impactful on Plane than on Copters.

It’s still important, but a given amount of vibration on a single plane motor will have less impact on the flight controller since it’s sort of “stabilized” by the inertia of the wings and fuselage.

Have you balanced your props?

Wow, that 8" prop is in bad shape. Check for a bent blade or a twist, or something affecting the pitch of the blade relative to the other blades.

Planes won’t react as badly to vibration as in copter but there is still mechanical damage, efficiency, and performance to consider. On planes with folding props I’ve learned the hard way to keep tabs on the vibration because cheaper APC folding hubs don’t like vibration and will eventually fail.

I don’t have Prop Balancer so I just ordered one :slight_smile:

they are brand new props… but you’re probably right as they are cheap one.