Are these the best antivibration rubber bobbins yet?

We are always on the quest for less vibrations in our drone videos… This is a test and review of a surprisingly efficient new type of rubber bobbins I had never seen before. They are not sold as such but only as a spare part for Yuneec’s high end 4k camera, the E90.

These bobbins are used in suspension/traction and not as usual with classical rubber balls in compression. That makes a huge simplification in the installation of a gimbal on a drone’s frame. And consequently makes the gimbal attachment lighter too.

The video below shows what I find impressive results relative to all previous antivibration systems I’ve tested so far.

You’ll be the judge !

  1. was that a Chicken?
  2. is there a part number you can share?


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What is the range of total weight of gimbal plus camera that these rubber bobbins are suitable ?

For the maximum weight these rubber bobbins can sustain, I have no data except what Yuneec is doing on its E90 platform and that is more or less 100 grams per bobbin.

Yes, good obersvation :slight_smile:

You can get it there :

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Could you test elasticity when cold Vs warm ? (Refeigate them)

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Could you test elasticity when cold Vs warm ? (Refeigate them)

Actually i did the test flight in winter here with about 2°C (freezing at 0°C). Maybe it did not stay out long enough to really cool down so much but it was cold, my fingers can tell you:)

:slight_smile: I watched the video again just so i could find the chicken!


E90 weight is 350 g, shared by 4 bobbins, each one shares 87.5 g, so very close to 100g.

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