Are the PID control loops the same in 3.2 & 3.3?

Ok, two part question really, second depends on the first.

  1. is 3.3 ready for me to test in a quad that I just tinker with?

  2. If I run auto tune in 3.3, so I can get yaw tuning, can I copy those PIDs back to 3.2?

thanks :slight_smile:

Dont see why not, run auto tune, save parameters, reflash firmware, set everything back up, then try and load the saved parameters.
I noticed that 3.3 autotune made my 680pro really, really twitchy, and in althold/loiter was real unhappy. Also auto tune took a long time, like 15 minutes, where as autotune on my quad w/APM2.6 (3.2.1), only takes 5 min or so. Although, hexacopter is kinda over powered, so that might be the reason.
I reset to the default, and hexa flys superb, and in loiter, is rock solid.

I stuffed a *Hawk in to an Walkera QR X350 Pro body, and it seems a bit underpowered to me, but my real issue right now is that Yaw is a little wishy-washy. A quick Yaw command, and it visually over shoots, and is also wobbly in windy conditions.The overshoot can be seen in the logs. When I autotuned this quad on 3.2 it got very twitchy in Loiter as well. I cut the Stabilize ā€œPā€ in half for Pitch and Roll, and it is better. I left the Rate PIDs alone.