Are MinewSemi RTK GPS modules supported by Ardupilot?

Hi everyone,

I am planning to build a high precision budget autonomous drone. I found that MinewSemi offers rtk GPS modules at much lower costs than most other brands.

I was curious if these modules are supported by Arducopter firmware.

GPS/Compass (landing page) — Copter documentation Offically supported.

If GPS module is not on the list, maybe you should check it carefully when using those modules.

Thank you, but I have already checked this list.

Is there any detailed documentation on what factors and hardware specs make an rtk compatible.

The MinewSemi rtk uses rtcm protocol. It has a 3.3v voltage input.

Well the link above which you provided. It’s NOT a final GPS product for drone.

I think there is much of dev info we have to consider.

  1. Compared with cuav-c-rtk-9p-gps, which supports RTCM version 3.x protocol.
  2. MS34SN3 Module supports RTCM (NOT a specific protocol version).
  3. RTCM SC-104 - Wikipedia, there are 3 versions of TRCM protocol.

As I didn’t have any experience on this module, so I suggest: Compatible test is needed.

BUT frankly speaking, there is much hope of compatibility.

For that $40, you’re getting a surface mount device that needs to be soldered to a circuit board that breaks out its pins with appropriate filtering/power and has appropriate antenna connections. After all that work, you have to hope that it supports a protocol that is compatible with ArduPilot and its handling of RTCM3.

I don’t see it as viable as purchased from that site, but perhaps a vendor will find utility in developing a supported module.

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I had a look and i cant find any for sale in a module thats useful, its all just bare gps chipsets.

This image shows the the rtcm protocols supported by this chipset. I think it has the version 3 compatibility.

I am an novice when it comes to electronics and drone building, so my questions and doubts might seem silly.

But I thank you for your support regarding this question.

Thank you for your comment. I am a novice to electronics and drone building so kindly consider my doubts even if they sound silly.

You mentioned that I would need to solder it to a circuit board with the correct power and antenna parameters.

Can I not solder this chip directly to a flight controller through an UART port for data transfer and a 3.3v output port for power supply.

Attaching a couple images with the pin diagram and specs for this module

Sure, if you want to buy a reflow oven and design a PCB. And then you’d be shooting in the dark a little since there’s no good datasheet provided. Simple pinouts and dimensions don’t tell the whole story when it comes to IC integration into a functional circuit.

These chips cannot be hand soldered with any expectation of success.

Buy GPS module which is on the list, it’s good for start. And it’s easy for help on forum.

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I REALLY like the Ardusimple F9P, with comms capability already on board, etc. It has about 5 cm accuracy on average. They have a newer version that has accuracy of a few mm, too, but it’s about twice the money. I still lust after one. :slight_smile:
I’m way behind, looks like. They used to be $350 or so, now you can get a “starter kit” for less than $250 which includes F9P and antenna and etc. I also went with XBee high power 900 MHz for comms; Used to be pack of three for $99 from XBee. Excellent range and noise rejection. Can’t remember if we’re allowed to post links directly, but Ardusimple dot com is the place to start for those interested.
I’ve done many tests with the above combo and am very pleased. RTK calcs are handled by the onboard processors and/or you can do that on your own processor (although I don’t know why anyone would want to!)