ArduTracker parameters in MP greyed out

does anybody know why the parameters for range on the MP Antenna Tracker screen are not transmitted to an Arduino via com port and why the parameters for ‘Speed’/‘Acceleration’ are greyed out in case of selecting the "Ardu Tracker’ interface, while they are available with ‘Maestro’ board? Thanks in advance!


The maestro protocol allows to send values for servo speed and acceleration. The ardutracker code does not. I might be wrong because I last used MPs antennatracker some years ago.

Hi Sebastian,

thanks a lot for your reply and sorry for my late answer. Connecting the ArduTracker and logging the traffic I can see constantly MP sending the strings for pan/tilt, but even the ‘angle’ parameter (which is not greyed out) is not transmitted. I thought it might be transmitted once, when establishing the OM port connection, but this is not the case.
Unfortunately I’m not that deep into the source code of MP or would be able to make the necessary changes, but in the source code for the ArduTracker it seems like all parameter (even the greyed out ones) are defined, but only not used in the code. I hoped someone could give some advise on how to get those parameters to the Arduino board. Seems like most users prefer an antenna tracker with a pixhawk autopilot and full blown hardware, so that the development for the simpler tracker in MP is not being continued.



Sorry for my even later reply. For some reason I did not get a notification about your post. I do not know if it is still relevant, but if you want to save time and nerves, just buy a Pololu Micro Maestro. I tried to get the ancient Ardutracker sketch to work without success and then bought a Maestro. It worked right out of the box.
There is really nothing to develop regarding the antennatracker feature, it is working just fine and there is nothing that could be added to make it better.

Hi Sebastian, thanks a lot for your message, its very helpful to me. Building an antenna tracker with an Arduino board still made a lot of sense to me, but since I haven’t got any other reply than yours I assumed most of the users moved to more advanced trackers using different types of flight controllers, due to the low prices today. About two weeks ago I purchased a 6-channel Pololu Micro Maestro, just to give it a try. I haven’t had time so far to connect it and setup the parameters, but it seems you have had very good experience using it, so I think I’m going this way.



Hola Peter. yo tambien tengo una antena tracker con pololu maestro , pero no se si es por la reduccion en el servo 360º de pan o por que tengo los parametros mal puestos en MP no consigo que la antena se encare al avion y gire sin control. Si da con los parametros adecuados informeme.

Hola Francisco,

recibí el pololu maestro hace como dos semanas y no he tenido mucho tiempo en probar algo. Creo que eso va a tomar más tiempo, porque mi enfoque ahora es el autopiloto que uso. ¡Pero si voy a trabajar con el maestro y encontrar más información, lo comparto con mucho gusto!