ArduTracker any changes?

Hi I have implemented an Antenna Tracker based on the ArdTracker information the Mission Planner is sending. Means I am Tracking the PAN and TILT Values with an arduino and set a PANTTILT Set in a way that it follows the plane.

This worker great so far, but since I have installed the newest version of Mission Planner, the system is not transmitting the information continuously. I get some information when I connect but than the data is not received anymore. I am not sure if Mission Planner is sending it, but I do not get an complet PAN TILT information.

Were there any changes in Mission Planner since the last release?


what specific mode are you using?

Hi, I have found the issue. Has nothing to do with the Mission Planner.
I am using the Ardutracker Mode, to receive the Pan/Tilt information.
On the “other” side an arduino is taking the information and is tracking a PAN/Tilt Unit with the plane.

The issue was the way I was reading the Serial Information. Due to a change in my programming logic the serial information was not read fast enough, so I got o buffer overrun and lost information. I checked the serial output of the mission planner with the “Free Serial Monitor” - great tool btw. And at this point it was clear that the issue is on my side - sorry for any inconvenience.


Hi Christopher,

Yesterday I put the same question here as I have an equal problem.
The only solution for now is to downgrade MP to a former release. As I did and the problem has solved (temporary…)