ArduSub ( or ArduRover ) Matek-H743 Bad Baro Health


I’m trying to make a setup for a SUB using the Matek-H743,
I cannot find a way to remove the “bad baro health” error, I know that using the onboard baro does not make sense for a SUB, indeed I don’t want to use a baro at all.
The SUB in reality it’s a “Boat” with 4 vectored thruster and no need to move in Z direction, is just moving on the surface, but the SUV vectored firmware is the most matching.
Any suggestion to just disable the use of the baro ?

Many thanks in advance

An Omni Rover thruster configuration won’t work?

Thanks Dave ! Great suggestion, I missed such option, I’m going to try immediately.
Thanks a lot !

Hello again,

after several trials, I still have no proper response from the motors, even by MP motor test window.
I have a 4in1 ESC, Dshot600, but it should be compatible with servo PWM signal as well.
I tested a second 4in1 ESC, just in case, no luck.

Setting the servo as a different channel like RCin etc., the motors spin, so, no hardware failure.

Using assignment motor 1…4 to servo 1…4 it does not work, I also tried to assign motor1…4 in flight controller output 5…8, resoldered the esc wires to outputo 5…8 in the FC, no luck

Firmware ArduRover 4.2

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance


one more info :
besides the Unhealthy AHRS message, I do have the level line ( horizon ) moveing around a bit even if everything is fixed and leveled.
This does not happen with exactly same setup and arducopter firmware

I tested the outputs by selecting the funcion RCin3, and driving by the remote by ch3 all motors spins.
So no hardware issue for motors.
Doing testing indoor I tried to add a second GPS with bigger antenna patch.
I routed the 4 motors on CH4…8, selected function Motor1…4
I see now the horizon stable. No Unhealthy AHRS anymore.
Now motors are alive and reacting in a reasonable way ( spinning at different speeds ) in loiter mode.
Also motor test page works

PS frame class 1 (rover, even if this is going to be a boat ); Frame type : 2 ( omni X )

Soon I will plug some props and test outdoor on a trolley ( props/motors placed with horizontal axis, omni X layout ) before going in water.