ArduSub 3.5.1 Released with Companion and QGC Updates

Hello everyone! The ArduSub development team is proud to announce our third stable release with a number of new features and reliability improvements. This release is also important because it is the first time we are synchronously releasing ArduSub, the Companion WebUI, and a special Blue Robotics build of QGroundControl.

Here are a few highlights from the new features.


  • Support for the Bar100 pressure sensor, enabling dives to 1000 meter depth
  • Improved failsafes for better reliability

Companion WebUI:

  • Support for external positioning systems including the Water Linked Acoustic Positioning System
  • Improved one-click update process for the WebUI
  • Enable reset to factory defaults
  • Companion computer monitoring

Companion WebUI is our companion computer configuration and update software, on it’s second official release.


  • More ArduSub-specific instruments available in the side panel
  • Custom logo at the top right for company branding
  • Support for boat/ROV positioning on the map
  • Improved video recording user interface
  • Recorded video size limits

For more details, please read our forum post about the update!

The ArduSub-powered BlueROV2 in a recent dive to 340 meter depth off the coast of Santa Barbara.