ArduSoar enhancement for coastal flights


Ardusoar enhancement

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Scientific and software development


Hello everyone, I am developing a fixed-wing drone project in the maritime environment to help organizations protect the coastal environment. My goal is to develop the “ArduSoar” module in Arduplane for this need, basing the flight scenarios on the horizontal winds above the waves, like sea birds. Could this type of project be supported and helped by the Ardupilote developer community?

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this is a bit too vague at the moment.
We generally don’t fund software development tasks (there can be exceptions, but very rare).
If there is some hw you need you could ask, but needs to be more specific

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Hi tridge, thanks for your answer.
If this can’t be helped by Ardupilot, I don’t have other choice than trying on myself and maybe find some interested dev to join me on this challenge and build a “team” on this project. It’ll really long and complicated, again no other choice.
The idea was to follow the “Frigate project” 's team who develop and share the ArduSoar module. Maybe they’ll be interested, who knows ?
And no HW need for the moment.

You didn’t provide any details on what this project is, especially how it would improve ArduPilot’s capabilities. From what I recall soaring already can handle effects of wind.