Ardurover without compass don't want to switch in auto mode

Hi !

my boat don’t want to switch in auto or steering mode since I deactivated all compass (too much problems with that).

I use the GPS compass instead.

if I reactivate compass, I can switch in auto and then I can deactivate compass and doing my mission in auto (of course without rebooting pixhawk).

is there a parameter to change so I can switch in auto mode when compass are deactivated?

thank you!

Regarding your initial compass problems, in rover and heli (single motor vehicles) I always observed compass problems when arming. Initially, I moved the rotor a little bit till arming was permitted, and later I disabled magnetic checks for arming. I wonder if this was your case.

See this: rover is positioned opposite to first waypoint, but at mission start (AUTO button) it immediately turns, so reads the compass for this and behaves correctly. Later, it seems that with motor rotating there is no magnetic influence.

thank you @Webillo but in fact I think there is a parameter that permitt to pass check of compass when activating auto/steering mode but I can’t find it.

maybe my compass calibration is not very good but since 5 years I always experience compass issues so I decided to all deactivate magnetic sensors (from pixhawk and from GPS here2). and now, I can tell the auto mode without compass works fine. maybe it’s a little worth in angles when the boat move slowly but in straight lines it works fine.

I already disable all arming check. the boat is always arming when I plug battery.

On rover and heli I calibrate compasses with motor out, because of the same reasons exposed above.

Would you calibrate with a neodimium button magnet placed nearby? So apply the same principle.

Perhaps a more realistic calibrating mode would be attach a servo tester to the ESC and keep the motor rotating while calibrating. I prefer to take the motor out.