Ardurover SITL as Follow Mode target

I was looking for a way to use Follow Mode to make my rover follow me. First I thought about using a FC with a GPS and carry it with me, but I had no spare FC and I also would need to make it connect to the wifi telemetry somehow.
Then I found out, that it is possible to connect a real GPS to SITL.
My DIY wifi remote is based on a RPi 3B+ and since it only has to run a processing sketch and a wifi hotspot, I installed ardupilot SITL on it along with mavlink-router. I start the ardurover executable without, because I do not need mavproxy. Mavlink-router sends the telemetry packets to the rover.
And it actually works!
I can not use the heading of the target vehicle (me😁) for now, because SITL does not have a real compass. I will try to disable the simulated compass and use GPS path heading. That should make all setup options for Follow Mode usable.
If anyone is interested in details please let me know.

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@count74, that’s really cool. nicely done!

You should feel free to blog some of the cool stuff you’re doing on as well (i.e. set the category to “Blog” instead of “Rover 3.5”. Really great!