Ardurover Patrol Mode possible?

I haven’t come up with a way to basically tell my rover to keep following the planned mission in a loop fashion. Once the rover returns to launch I’d like for it to automatically restart the mission without having to intervene as if it’s patrolling. Does anyone know if this is even possible currently or am I going to have write code to do a custom mode?

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Hi Sean,

The cleanest and easiest way to do it is to place a dummy waypoint at the end of your mission,
go to the bottom list with waypoints on mission planner, from drop down menu make it a do_jump command, then at the first column add how many times you want to replay the mission and on the second column name the waypoint to jump (i.e. 1) This way, every time (for x times), your rover reaches the last waypoint it will go straight to the first again.

Another cool feature is that every time you play with the times column, automaticaly mission planner calculates the total roadtrip (upper left corner), thats an easy way of knowing if your rover can finish this mission before battery is empty, if you know how many km the rover can do with one battery.



Thanks that’s what I was looking for. Took me a while digging around in qgroundcontrol to find the jump to command. I figured this was possible just wasn’t obvious.