Ardurover not working with roboclaw

we are trying to control a deferential drive rover using pixhawk cube and roboclaw motor driver the problem is with the roboclaw 2x30a motor driver the motor driver is not receiving the rc signals from fly sky receiver but the motors are moving when we input pwm signals from the motion studio software and also the err and stat2 led blinks on and off periodically we followed these steps link of the website

thanks for the reply I am following this link
and here is the link for the connections I have made and the .params list also uploades the motion studio settings .When I try to test the motor in ardurover(Optional hardware β†’ motor test) its not working what should I do

It’s a long shot, but, any chance you have your servo plugs in backwards? This image leads me to conclude that the signal wire is on the top and the ground is on the bottom , while your pics seem to have it reversed

Ya checked it pixhawk cube has its signal pins down I hope my connections are right

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ardurover_params.param (15.0 KB)


thanks for your support the issue got resolved after loading the prams from aion robotics
r1 rover from github