Ardurover ground steering Servo with pixhack can't work!

Hi dear friends
sorry for my bad question!, I just starter in autopilot… Also I was did the best for trying…
on ardurover I have this parts:
1-pixhack 2.4.8
3- battery 6V 4Amp
4-servo DS04-NFC
just this parts and need to control Servo steering connected to output 3
can I do this?
attached pictures

1: As far as I know, channel 1 is used for steering. see this :
And you’d better add a description of your firmware version.
2: The servo need external power supply. Because pixhawk and pixhack can not output 5V from mainout and auxout.

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Thank you dear friend @Chinese66 for your reply
I already make external power for servo…
and see the configration attached.
my firmware is APM:Rover 3.2.1
you think the problem is because not have radio reciever and esc?
Thank you…

Seems that the channel 1 is normally output…:sweat_smile:
Maybe you need try a small servo, like SG90.

Usually it doesn’t matter, because ch1out and ch3out have numbers. For ESC, it is applicable to drive dc motor instead of servo.
I’m not sure if it works but you can disable the radio failsafe and try again. Donnot forget safe switch.

yessss it’s work Thank you very much dear @Chinese66

I have try 3 days…
but Now all thing is very good…
I changed BRD_SAFETYENABLE to 0,
and safety switch… as you say…