Ardurover | Follow my Android phone, how?

Hi! I’m about to travel to my favorite testing body of water for a maiden of this boat:

Last time I tried the follow-me function I couldn’t get it to work. Can someone help me through all necessary steps to make the boat follow my kayak? I gave both Mission Planner and QGC on my phone all necessary permissions regarding location, data usage etc.

I think i read that I have to put the boat into Loiter-mode, but then what?

I found this quote on the forum but couldn’t locate the checkbox:

Goto the planner setting screen and down the bottom there is a testing screen checkbox. This is control-f

When I go to the setup page, It seems Mission Planner doesn’t see any GPS signals?

If someone is willing to do a step-by-step explanation I would be very grateful!

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the problem is mission planner for mobile is basically just the windows application in a wrapper so a lot of functions just dont work.

you should look for another andoid app like qground control, they are native and are much better for things that need the phones hardware.

I agree that using QGC should be better on a phone and I think that @hwurzburg has successfully tested this in the past but I’m not sure whether a special version of QGC was required or not.

By the way, there are basically two ways that this can work:

  1. the ground station is responsible for sending velocity or position commands to the vehicle while it is in Guided mode to cause it to follow the user
  2. the ground station can simply send its position to the vehicle and the vehicle can then be put into follow mode.

The replies are much appreciated. Hopefully I can test some more today. I’ll report back!

The last time i used that function was with the tower app for android but it was a long time ago and I dont know if its still compatible as its not been updated in almost 7 years.

In QGC under general settings, there is a dropdown box to select whether the GCS broadcasts its GPS position NEVER, ALWAYS, or when in FOLLOW MODE


I’ve created a PR to add this image to the Rover follow mode wiki page.


Thank you all for helping! Unfortunately I messed up the tuning of the boat that I have currently with me and won’t be able to test any time soon. :frowning: Maybe I can re-tune today again but it will take some time as I’m still in the learning phase.

Hi @rmackay9!!
A little off topic. How to reset the RTL position from the remote control without MP?


Ah, you want return-to-me instead of the regular RTL. Ideally the ground station would handle that … lacking that a custom lua script would probably be required… for example we have this set-home-to-vehicle-location script but this is not quite what you need.

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