ArduRover electric motor throttle and break setting during downhill

Hello everybody,
I have one question, i hope somebody can help me in this.
I have one not light weight wehicle, and i attached one arduRover robot. i would like to asking, how do you setting brake and throttle (in one channel, or you use throttle and break in different channels?)?
I mean how can i set break when this wehicle gpoing down downhill and must breaking somehow (specially if i want to stop at waypoint during downhill)
I hope you understand me and somebody can help me in this.
I waiting answers because i got good and helpfully answers here already.
Thank you my friends

Hi Gergo,

in RC cars it is usually channel 3 that controlls throttle/brake and ArduRover does it the same way.

We have a function in place called active braking but that is meant for abrupt braking when cornering.
It is meant for competitions (Sparkfun AVC).


Some ESCs have a “drag brake” setting that tries to slow the car when throttle is at middle instead of coasting, you could try something like that. Then the APM would only need to reduce throttle to slow and hold your vehicle.