Ardurover change mode in MP but rover doesnt move

Hi all,

I am fairly new to Ardurover.
I have:
MP 1.3.70 build1.3.7277.34800
ardurover V4.0.0
in a rudderservo boat.

Together with a friend we were configtuning my boat so itโ€™ d sail straight and so on. All was going fine except for overshoot on wp.

my li ion BMS activated battery shutdown so my boat + pixhawk was powerless (i know, its noob style especilly as i had battery monitoring on :slight_smile: ).

After placing a new battery we wanted to continue configtuning but now the boat does not move when changing mode.

In MP the Mode does switch (manual, auto, rtl) and a mission is loaded ( i see the yellow direct to waypoint changing between rtl and auto). But the boat does not go to home or waypoint.

We have reinstalled firmware (after installing quadcopter fw to be able to overwrite rover fw), recalibrated accel, compas, radio as a troubleshoot, but no solution yet.

I have my .bin log at:

I hope somebody with more XP could help me out on this?

could it be that my pix suffered from low voltage and high current and some component has broken?

thank you in advance for any help!


el desperado ;p