Ardurover boat build

Hi I’m try to set up and calibrate my Pixhawk internal compass I was using an external se100 gps and compass now using a different GPS module and want to use the internal compass on the Pixhawk do I have to reflash as it’s a different build I’m getting compass error variation when I rotate the boat any advice would be good thanks

You do not have to flash new firmware. You just need to go into Setup-Required Hardware-Compass to choose which compasses you wish to use. If you are unsure which compass is the one providing data, you can look at the status tab while connected and see which of the mx, my and mz type values are changing. (You will see mx2, my2, mz2, for instance also.)
If memory serves me right, the numbering of the compasses can change depending on whether an external compass is connected or not.

Hi thanks for the quick response, I have now re calibrated everything and it all seems fine but I’m left with error 0x800 and not sure what this is ?

I do not have any experience with that error, but searching the forums I found these threads that might be helpful:

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If you search for 0x800, you will find a few more. If one of those is similar to your issue, but not exactly the same, you might reply there with a question.

Thank you I will have a look