ArduRover 4, PixHawk4, Roboclaw2x45A


I am using a PixHawk4 connected to a Roboclaw 2x45A. I have set the Pilot_Steer_Type=1 for Skid Steer Enable, connected the PixHawk (IO PWM Out PINS 2,4,10) to the Roboclaw PINS (S1 I/O,S2 I/O, GND). I also have set SERVO1_FUNCTION=73 and SERVO2_FUNCTION=74. I have the RoboClaw set to RC input and the MCU enabled to remove the AutoCalibration

When I go to test the motors using the QGroundControl I can get movement on both Motors Individually. When I try to use MavProxy Commandline function “rc all 1400” I see movement in my motors. However, when I try to isolate the individual motors I cannot get any movement and the only command that works “rc 3 1400” moves both motors. Am I doing something wrong here?

All I am trying to do is be able to control the individuals motors to move. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Pilot steer type 1 is most certainly wrong, except if you have a TX with no sticky throttle.
The rest of your description is a little hard to understand. You say you use Pixhawk servo pins 2, 4 and 10. Why three pins? Where are they connected to? Why pin 2 and 4, if servo out 1 and servo out 2 are setup for skid steering?

Thanks for the response.
Why would the steering type be incorrect if we are trying to use it as a skid steer?

Also on the IO PWM OUT port of the pixhawk 4 the pin out is that pin 1 is VDD servo, pin 2 is PWM 1 OUT, pin 3 is PWM OUT and so on and and pin 10 is ground so effectively we are connecting PWM 1 to S1 on the Roboclaw PWM 3 to S2 and GND to GND.

Does that make more sense? In my previous response it should have been SERVO1 and SERVO3 I apologize for the mistake

Ah, ok. I am not familiar with the Pixhawk 4, so I thought you were talking about PWM signal pins. It does not matter where you connect the outputs, as long as connection and configuration match. Connecting to servo output 1 and servo output 3 is no longer required.
Skid steering is activated by selecting throttle left and throttle right as servo outputs. Pilot steer type is a mix of selecting a input type (1, two stick input, like in a real tank and reversing behaviour does not apply) and reversing behaviour for single stick input (2, 3)

Is this behavior explained ?I have the same problem.Can you set the roboclaw to work with separate motors in rc ?