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ArduRover 3.1.1 Arming Issue

(manulrk) #21

Hello Grant,
Did you make any progression on this issue?

(gmorph) #22

@RayN - I have tested on my skid steering rover with 3.1.1 and I can ARM no problem. Remember that disarming doesn’t work on skid steering rovers as it means you rover would turn around in circles whilst trying to disarm.

@manulrk - I tested on my standard Rover with my standard setup and I can arm and disarm. I need a log file from you to investigate further - the one you posted previously is in an odd format - a tlog would be better. I assume you have changed the RCMAP_* parameters to reflect your changed channel setup?

Thanks, Grant.

(gmorph) #23

@manulrk - I take it back I can’t disarm. I’ll figure it out and fix it now.

Thanks, Grant.

(gmorph) #24

I’ve created a new Rover release. v3.1.2 is building now and should be available in a few hours. It has arming fixed. Once it is built and available I’ll post to the main thread about the release being available.

Thanks, Grant.

(Dave) #25

Awesome, it disarms! Thanks Grant.

(Engineering) #26

Sorry for relating this to 3.1.2 but how do you DISARM with the sticks? And most important; is there no way to simply arm and disarm with a switch on the tx?

(Khancyr) #27

To arm : steer stick full left, to disarm steer stick full right, it only works on normal rover not on Skid steer ones.
For now, it is not possible to arm/disarm with a switch, it will come with the next 3.2 release

(Engineering) #28

Ok, will it also include proper tank steering in all modes? And could we
hope for this to be released say, within a couple of days? I’d be happy to
help in any way possible!

(Khancyr) #29

We have completly simple normal rover and tank control, so tank mode should be much better now.
No ETA for the next release, I hope to go on new beta soon if we get time to correct current bugs found.