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Arduplane Z Altitude - unhealthy

(glacier051) #1


I’m putting together a quadplane using a Cube and standard carrier board. It was flying fine until I mounted the outer wing sections on the RVJet frame.

I was going to do some tuning since the wings were mounted and now the Cube won’t arm. I stepped through some troubleshooting and ended p disabling all prearm checks, which didn’t make any difference.

The error message, “Z Altitude - unhealthy” shows up in my OSD. It’s the only not OK bit of data.

Google isn’t telling me anything directly related to the “Z…” error message, but I’m reading it could be a mismatch between the baro and accelerometers. The other possibly more applicable answer is the baro.

Full disclosure - this Cube and carrier board sat under 40ft of fresh water for 5 days in a Montana lake. The quadcopter it was mounted was retrieved and I disassembled the frame and dried everything out as best I could. Re-built the frame and was satisfied the FC was operating correctly. It has been flying since last NOV, even on the new quadplane, until last week.

Any thoughts on something else I could check would be appreciated.