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Arduplane Tuning

My apologies if this is in the wrong location, let me know and I will happily move it.

I was hired by a US based company to find (and hire) a software developer to bring up a plane (tune) on the Ardupilot software suite. The plane is well established (nothing experimental) but they are looking for Ardupilot integration which is not something the company has done before.

Please send me an email or PM if you are North American based (could be difficult getting materials to you if you’re too far - plus any potential export issues).

Deliverables would be:

Full parameter and tuning of the aircraft on Arduplane Stable
Documentation of results (logs, etc), normal expected things
Emphasis on optimizing TECS and auto-landing for high reliability and efficiency.
Validation of key metrics for flight optimization.

Initially you will start with one model, a 3.2m fixed wing aircraft. Composite based and in the 30 pound range (able to be operated under part 107). Results depending, there is room for more models, variants and full-time positions are available if interested but I am tasked with bringing in a candidate with an in-depth knowledge of Ardupilot while also being a very experienced fixed-wing pilot to achieve the previous.

Thank you,

Ray Klein

G’day Ray,
I retagged this to the job posting section for you.

I may be interested. I know plane fairly well… What is your contact email address?

You can’t do much better than Tom (MagicRub).

Thanks everyone for such quick responses! Some work took me traveling this past week so apologies for not getting back to you all. What a great community!

Tom - you can reach me at

I appreciate it!


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