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Arduplane SITL with X-Plane 11 and VTOL

Hi, I’m wondering on if someone could help me in my project by modify MissionPlanner a while.

So in short therm. I’m an X-plane developer with professional knowledge on X-plane plane making as well as writing plugins, making objects, texturing, PBR, etc. But I’m also interested in rc modelling (VTOLs). So I’d like to make a VTOL in x-plane to practice mission planning and parameter dial in.

What I’d need for this is to have the possibility in MissionPlanner Simulation for x-plane quadplane support, by controlling x-plane airplane motors no. 1-4 (index from 0 to 3) as vtol motors, motor no. 5 (index 4) as pusher motor and sim/aircraft/vtolcontrols/acf_vectarmZ dataref as vtol servos.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards

you can just run the normal plane simulator and configured the params for a quadplane.

I would guess you might struggle to do a VTOL with the X-plane to ArduPilot update rate.

The problem is that the current version don’t send 5 throttle channels to XP, only one.
So I can’t control descent at all.

BTW I can add artifical stability within X-Plane in case low speed connection is an issue, but I’d definitelly acheve to let SITL control both hover mode and straight flight, to be able to write complex missions in planner.

Ah, I see, I misunderstood the issue.

This is the code were where the outputs are sent from ArduPilot,

I have no idea on about the formats X-Plane is expecting, but you should be able to add in some extra outputs there.

Yes, thank you, I just found this.
Perhaps I could modify it but I don’t have the environment to compile my own MP.
Can you perhaps help once I modify this?

Unless you setup the AP build environment you won’t be able to test even if I were to change it. The dev wiki has everything you should need to get started.

Plane and Heli work well with X-Plane 11. I really struggle to get above 75-100 packets/sec from X-Plane which makes quadplane or copter difficult to fly well with ArduPilot running at the same time.

I modified SIM_XPlane previously to add a vertical jet to an aircraft that was controlled while the autopilot was running. For that I just read in the position of my slider from X-Plane as Mixture 3 to the throttle2 variable and sent it back by changing[1] to throttle2. A link to that change is here.

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