Arduplane max power on cruise and during take-off



I mean i want to put THR_MAX_TAKEOFF- 100%
and THR_max 50%.

to not get power cut on take off, is it possible?

I think it is explained here, have a look…
Search for “TKOFF_THR_MAX”

  • Jan

as i understand if THOFF_THR_MAX is not zero, THR_MAX will only effect cruise, correct?

“TKOFF_THR_MAX: Maximum Throttle for takeoff
Note: This parameter is for advanced users
The maximum throttle setting during automatic takeoff. If this is zero then THR_MAX is used for takeoff as well.”

Yes. I interpret above quote as TKOFF_THR_MAX affects takeoff throttle only. Maximum throttle in all other modes is limited by the THR_MAX value.