ArduPlane is amazing (flying light plane in gusty strong wind)!

I finally got up early enough (lighter winds in the mornings) to get a first flight with my FT Mini Guinea Pig. After a first flight in manual (checking stall speed and other things). I autotuned it during the second flight.

Once autotuned (which finished really quickly) it flew amazing in acro despite wind gusting to 8 m/s from varying directions (there are really tall trees disturbing the wind on one side of the field). It felt like flying without wind in a simulator.

Everything worked by the book (or the wiki in this case)! A really great first experience with ArduPilot.

If anyone is interesting I use the following electronics:

  • Mateksys F405-SE
  • Mateksys M8Q-5883 (GPS and compas)
  • FrSky R-XSR

Airspeed sensor, telemetry to MissionPlanner, FPV and range finder is one the wish list, but I’ll add one thing at a time.