Arduplane for racing

Heya Guys, im less than impressed with the current offering of fixed wing firmware tacked onto MR controllers, the WhateverFlight, they all suck :smiley:

Ive built plenty of fairly serious aircraft for commercial applications using Arduplane, and am wondering how one would go about setting it up for racing.

GPS sucks on a race course, half the time the aircraft is in a 90 degree bank and will constantly be loosing satellite fix, so GPS is out. Airspeed from a pitot system is doable, but If I can avoid using it it’d be preferred.

What I want out of the flight controller is extreme predictability and tracking, on a windy day at 120mph you dont have much time to fight the wind when lining up the next gate, so essentially I want a rate “acro” mode. The ability to use some sort of bank limiting would be interesting as well.

It’d be fantastic to be able to still use the autotune functionality as it has invariably produced a better set of pids than what I can muster doing it the hard way.

Another feature which would be awesome to have would be the ability to drive digital servos at higher than 50hz, a lot of people still nay say about what advantages there would be, but the difference is significant when racing. People used to say the same thing about oneshot125.

So what im asking is what parameters should I play with to get Arduplane to be happy and flying well without GPS, do I get rid of the EKF altogether and fly it in dead reckoning mode? What functionality do I loose when doing that?

Sorry I don’t have an answer but I just want to say it’s a brilliant question - besides the obvious pilot assistance - imagine a wing flying on its own at high speed accurately through the gates ! Maybe add some extra features to automatically assist the pilot such as deflecting winglets, vector thrust, who knows.