Arduplane elevons and flaps?

doesnt seem possible to have flaps (or spoilers) for an elevon based wing? is this correct or am I not figuring it out?

You can’t use elevons as flaps on a flying wing, because that would be the same as pitch input.

Edit: Or are you looking for the full house setup with differential spoiler?

You can’t mix them on the same surface, but I see nothing (other than physics) disallowing a separate flap control surface on such a contraption. Spoilers should certainly be possible.

i would have to split the long ailerons in halves, and add a servo to each as a flap…its possible, but physically it should be possible to use flaperons on elevons, it just looks like a programming limitation to me

Physically, it makes no sense. If you move elevons downward together (as flaps move), they act as an elevator control surface and pitch the craft down.

If you split the elevons, you can use them as differential spoilers, as noted above, but the net effect is a drag device that does nothing to reduce stall speed like flaps do.

If the wings are very swept, it may be possible to add some degree of flaps near the center of the craft and counteract their pitching effect with separate elevon mixing. But simply mixing a flap command into a single elevon surface per wing really doesn’t make much sense.

Here’s an example of center section flaps on a flying wing design where the wing sweep is adequate.

that makes sense, thanks for explanation…i am going to split ailerons in halves for real flaps…